What's the difference between luxury vinyl and luxury vinyl plank?

If you have shopped the luxury vinyl flooring line at all, you probably have wondered about the differences between luxury vinyl tile and plank. Today, we will share a few essential points about how these products differ, so read along with today's post to learn more about them.

Luxury vinyl plank and tile and their subtle differences

There aren't many things about luxury vinyl plank and tile that are different. Of course, you'll notice the most significant difference in the format appearance, with one being plank and the other being tile. These differences can have quite an effect on the ambiance of the room into which you install them, with stone and porcelain tile options offering a stunning and formal elegance and planks providing a more minimal, rustic appearance. In addition, each visual option comes with extensive personalization, including color, texture, shape, size, and installation techniques, so you're sure to find a perfect fit for every room.

They also have many things in common, including outstanding durability, up to 100% waterproof protection, and a quick and easy installation. When you're ready to pick one or the other, be sure to visit us and speak with a flooring professional at your convenience.

Your LVT or LVP could be yours today

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